How do you get a Medeco key (Round), Abloy Key (Half Moon), MUL-T-LOCK CLASSIC KEYS “Do not copy” key copied in montreal?

Welcome you reach the right locksmith in montreal, information on how to duplicate a high security key such as MEDECO, ABLOY or MUL-T-LOCK are as follow.

old medeco round key s00 s01mul-t-lock mortise lock cylinderabloy half moon classic key

The only person to make key copy is the original owner of the MEDECO, ABLOY or MUL-T-LOCK he must carry a certificate could be paper or credit card style (The time of the installation). Newer MEDECO, ABLOY or MUL-T-LOCK The only location to duplicate those high security keys are the original installer locksmiths. Each locksmith has diffrent key number so dont waste your time going to the stores or calling local locksmiths to make you the copy. NO Certificate No key! 2015 go back 25 years 1990 – 2015

on the other side older version before 1990 of MEDECO, ABLOY or MUL-T-LOCK

Medeco had round head IT COULD BE COPIED ANYWHERE S00 OR S01 KEYWAYS $20-$30 per key.

Abloy keys HALF MOOM only could be cut at any locksmith shop who has abloy key machine Classic key. $20-$30 per key.

Mul-T-lock classic keys depend on the number listed on blade many locksmith with special duplicator could cut THEM if they have the right key.$25-$55 per key.


Patent is 25 Years. once it passses, The key Does not required certificate or card.

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